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Tim was born with Gros Talipes, a severe disability in both feet whereby his feet were at a 90 degree angles to his legs.  Despite having 58 anaesthetics to correct his disability, he has always striven for success. 

Tim spent his 20s and 30s living the high life with a successful career in corporate finance and financial software, travelling the world. But although on the outside he had all the trappings of success, on the inside he was suffering and by his 30s he was drinking heavily and suffering from anxiety and depression.


That all started to change when aged 41 he received a phone call that would change his life in ways he could never have imagined.

The call in 2013 was from a canoeing coach to ask if he wanted to come back to try and become a Paralympic athlete at the age of 41.  As a child he paddled a canoe competitively but hadn’t been in boat since he was 18.


This is not a story of achieving the unimaginable, this is a story of self-discovery, self acceptance and coming full circle, it’s a story of one man and his boat..  

Tim’s story is remarkable, from an unhealthy 41-year-old sales director to a Paralympic Athlete on a podium winning medals for his country.





Through the last 10 years, Tim has worked tirelessly to transform his mindset and health. Being a high performance athlete gave Tim the clarity to see what was really going on in his mind and life.  Performing at an international standard for your country is an incredible experience that many can also learn from.


This understanding and continued learning enabled Tim to start to change the way he feels about himself, his physical limitations and his connection to those around him.


There have been many bumps along the road which Tim has learnt from, and sharing these life lessons enables his clients to engage and relate to the many barriers he has broken through. 


 His internal work has spanned across many areas of mental health, including living with chronic pain, mindset, anxiety, manic depression, suicidal ideation, addiction, self acceptance, the power of uncertainty, facing fear and building mental resilience.

Now is the time for Tim to impart his knowledge of change and transformation to others to help them to live a rich, full and meaningful life.  

Listen to a podcast with Tim


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