DREw Povey  Dpc consultancy

I first met Tim when I heard him speak at the sky sports legends dinner in 2018. I was totally blown away by his story and we've been working together ever since. His approach to life and his mindset for change are truly inspirational and he has a lot to teach the world about living life 'in balance'. With such rich, varied experiences stretching from business, to elite sport and living with a disability make him a unique and intriguing leadership thinker. So, if you want to create change, inspire people and learn about what life is really all about - look no further than Tim.


I have attended Tim’s Life Learning Workshops whilst working at Haydock and have really enjoyed them so far!  Hearing about Tim’s experiences has really put things into perspective for me, showing me that with the right attitude and effort, we can overcome a lot more than we think!

In the past, I have worked in environments where mental health and wellbeing aren’t so openly discussed, so this was a really pleasant surprise when I joined Haydock.

I have found Tim’s talks so far to be really inspiring and I am looking forward to learning much more from Zenval as we move on through the workshops learning valuable insight across all areas of physical and mental wellbeing.

We are working with Tim to help support and inspire our employees

Tim’s open and positive approach backed up by ‘real life’ stories and experiences are a key part of Panasonic’s ‘Wellbeing’ programme.

This approach is very relevant as our employees are facing a rapidly changing workplace.


I have known Tim for some years now, from his days in the corporate world to his current Paralympian sporting activities. I was lucky to be able to get Tim to speak at a recent CICMQ Credit Management Best Practice Event in London as I was looking for a motivational presentation on Change. The delegates feedback was great with words such as 'inspirational, determined, motivating' and his presentation was given >90% score by the 120 delegates. Tim has completely changed his outlook and his story and determination to succeed is amazing.

 paul craig CEO SIA Group

Tim provided an insight into his incredible journey on overcoming his disability and mental struggles to become a GB Paralympic Canoeist in his mid-forties. His determination to overcome adversity and the will to succeed is amazing. Mental health, especially for men is something of a taboo subject, journeys like Tim’s need to be shared and can be learnt from. The team day was a resounding success and provided a great opportunity to reflect on how far we have come as a business and understand more about our direction going forward. Tim’s inspirational story sharpened our understanding of motivation, focus and teamwork.


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