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"Revive & Thrive"

After a recent scan on my troubled shoulder, I find myself on the cusp of my 59th anaesthesia experience tomorrow, to have urgent surgery to keep me paddling.

The MRI revealed three areas of degenerative issues that have silently plagued me for some time, along with some high-grade tears. My shoulder will be immobilized for six weeks, followed by four to six months of intensive rehabilitation before I can once again paddle at full strength.

I've recently embarked on a ground-breaking journey alongside a prominent Doctor and Physician specializing in cell regeneration and DNA. His fascination with my recent achievements in managing pain and inflammation through nutrition and mindset led him to join me in preparing for this surgery. This week, I've undergone ground-breaking holistic and NAD infusion treatments to prepare for surgery, all in a bid to enhance the recovery process. I just finished a 5-day fast, breaking it yesterday to ensure optimal levels of human growth hormones and ketones, ensuring my body is primed and clean for a rejuvenated recovery.

This unique collaboration of surgeons, physicians and coaches holds the promise of pioneering new frontiers in the realms of pain management, surgery, recovery, and rehabilitation.

Unlike the conventional reliance on pharmaceuticals, which can inadvertently alter lives through addiction, depression, anxiety, and even suicide, we are choosing a different path. We are delving deeper, exploring the intricate interplay of our cellular composition, nutrition, and emotions in the face of pain and recovery.

With over five decades of personal experience in managing pain and undergoing numerous surgeries, I now find myself in a privileged position to chart this recovery journey alongside some of the most brilliant minds in the medical field. The aim is to ease the suffering of countless individuals who grapple with similar afflictions, providing them with a healthier and more enlightening path forward.


The profound transformation I've undergone over the past three months has forever altered the trajectory of my life, and I'm determined to make that life-altering choice more accessible to others.



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