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Tim Lodge's Podcast with The Rewriters.

In this episode Monique Shaw speaks to Paralympic Canoeist, Wellbeing Advocate and Entrepreneur Tim Lodge about self-acceptance and coming full circle.

At 41, Tim rewrote his story from out-of-shape Sales Director to Athlete at the very pinnacle of his sport, representing Great Britain.

During this podcast The Rewriters Monique Shaw discusses Tim’s remarkable story, and explores mental health, managing anxiety and our relationships with alcohol.

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Tim spent his 20s and 30s living the high life with a successful career in Corporate Finance. Although on the outside, he had all the trappings of success, on the inside he was suffering and by his 40s he was drinking daily and struggling with anxiety and depression.

This all changed when at age 41 he received a phone call that would change his life in ways he could never have imagined.

Although Tim’s story of transformation is remarkable, this isn’t a story of achieving the unimaginable, it’s the story of uncovering who you are, self-acceptance and coming full circle – it’s the story of a man and his boat.

Tim also shares the many techniques he uses to maintain his mental health, including mindfulness, breath work, gratitude and getting out into nature.

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