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Making a difference to people’s lives, listen to what our clients have to say...

At the core of the Zenval Wellbeing Platform are 6 Life Learning Workshops that are being delivered to teams and individuals across the UK.

These unique workshops are based on the true life experience of Tim Lodge, Co-Founder of Zenval. Tim trained to become a high performance athlete in his 40’s and has spent the last 8 years continuing to transform his body, his mind and his way of life.

Tim has split his experiences of how he made these transformations into interactive workshops and presentations that are comprehensive, informative and fun. They cover all aspects of physical and mental wellbeing.

Future workshops include members of the Zenval Community, Drew Povey a leadership expert, Tye Fielding from the world of mindfulness and Jonathan White, a Royal Marine War Veteran who specialises in mental resilience.

Due to the current restrictions the workshops are all provided via Zoom or the preferred technology of the client, Tim Lodge says:

“Initially when the new restrictions were announced I knew this would be a challenge as I was used to being able to present in person. Through online sessions it has become evident that we gain more interaction with the audience".

"I speak very openly about some sensitive subjects and I am finding that through these online sessions it is enabling people to be able to speak honestly and openly about their feelings without the fear of judgement".


John Jenkins CEO – Haydock Finance, comments:

"There has been much conversation in recent years on how businesses should engage on the subject of mental health and well-being – to support their staff, to promote a better work life balance, to improve effectiveness. It’s a tricky concept as, unlike promoting physical fitness with support to quit smoking or encouraging exercise, few of us that run businesses know where to start. Haydock started by talking to Tim Lodge from Zenval".

"Having known Tim professionally prior to his change of career, I have really enjoyed tracking his fantastic progress over the past 6 years or so".

"It’s a great story and proof that people can fundamentally change if there is the right supported motivation to do so".

"We set up an initial webinar for Tim to talk to the Haydock team and

invited everyone to join. Our pre-Covid thoughts had been to do an in-person session, but the Webchat format worked well and probably stimulated more people to sign in. The session was excellent – a warts and all walk through Tim’s life, challenges and how he has overcome them".

"Tim introduced difficult topics like well-being and mental health through a personal lens and confronted some of the difficult subjects such as dealing

with failure and resilience, which chime so well in a business context".

"The team really appreciated the session - asking good questions, which Tim

dealt with in his casual but deeply personal style. Comments that came back after the session were hugely positive and have prompted the business to organise a series of follow up workshops to explore some of the content areas like nutrition, exercise, mental health and well-being. I am sure they will be equally well attended and as powerfully received".

"For any business still wondering where start I can heartily recommend

you start, as we did by speaking with Tim".


To summarise, the 6 workshop packages focus on the following areas of personal and team development:

  • Mental Health in the Workplace

  • Exercise and Nutrition

  • Mindfulness Techniques

  • Mental Resilience and Change

  • Living Outside your Mind

  • Values and Goals Setting

If you’d like to hear more about how Zenval can develop a workshop program or even deliver just a one off inspirational presentation to the team then please get in touch via

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