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It's all about sharing real life experiences.....

The last series of workshops with Panasonic Europe has confirmed that our wellbeing strategy at Zenval is achieving what we dreamt it would at the start.

We share real life situations that aren't just about the dream outcome, but are about the journey. It's the journey where the learning happens, and the outcome is nearly always never as you expected it would be.

Giving strategies and take away content for people to work with is what we are all about at Zenval.

Don't just take our word for it, here's what our clients have to say:

Dr Shane Hanson, Ph.D. Head of Insight & Innovation, Personal Care, Panasonic Europe

I want to share my personal feedback on the Mindfulness & Wellbeing talks by Tim Lodge – they are very well organised, insightful and have definitely enabled me to think about these topics differently. What’s different with these talks?

He uses simple, day to day stories, so it's very relatable.

He brings in experts who have simple tips & tricks that anyone who is interested can use.

The tone of workshops is positive & “do-able” which makes it easy to implement.

Sincere thanks for organising these talks, I have learnt a lot myself and hope that it will enable me to be a “Whole” individual both at work and home. These activities are not measurable, but everything that is measurable is not important…I read somewhere… A big thank-you! You guys rock!!!

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